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Customer Reach

Sensient Flavors Canada serves all sectors in the Canadian market and is committed to give Canadian customers full local support, rather than supplying them from the USA as some others do.

Sensient Flavors Canada has its sales and creative center in Mississauga, and has factories and laboratories located in Cornwall, Ontario; Tara, Ontario; Delta, Vancouver and in the Toronto area at Rexdale (being replaced in 2008 by a completely new plant a few miles away at Halton Hills).

Innovative Market Focused Product Range

Sensient Flavors Canada manufactures a full range of products and supplies these across all market sectors. Its greatest strength is in dairy flavors and sauces, for ice cream and especially for yogurt. In addition we have considerable strength in savory products.

Our creative and marketing teams are expert in the Canadian market trends and preferences and can offer unique concepts in all segments.

Centres of Excellence

Canada is a Center of Excellence for yogurt and dairy sauces and fruit preparations. Rexdale is committed mostly to these products and is being replaced by a new state of the art facility at Halton Hills. Liquid flavor compounds are also manufactured for all sweet and beverage applications. Delta has similar capabilities to serve the western Canadian market.

Cornwall is a savory center, producing yeast extracts from both brewer’s and baker’s yeasts; HVP’s from a variety of cereals; reaction flavors; top notes and compete savory systems, whilst Tara specializes in cheese powders.