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Customer Reach

Sensient Flavors USA serves customers across the United States. Its headquarters is in Indianapolis where creative, applications, marketing, sensory, regulatory, sales and manufacturing are based. There are also factories in Harbor Beach, Michigan; Amboy, Illinois; and Juneau, Wisconsin.

Innovative Market Focused Product Range

Sensient Flavors USA is the largest of the Sensient Flavors’ businesses and supplies customers with innovative concepts in all market segments. From our extensive resources we have the capability to innovate across all segments and specialize in creating concepts to match market-leading trends.


Sensient Flavors US has wide manufacturing capabilities, which are mostly dedicated to the US domestic market.

The facility at Indianapolis specializes in liquid compounding, mainly using its own extracts. We have extensive capabilities for vanilla and other extracts. The main product group is beverage flavors, but dairy and sweet flavors are also produced. Indianapolis also has reaction flavor manufacturing capabilities and a large capacity for spray drying sweet and savory flavors.

Juneau is a yeast extract plant, manufacturing extracts from both brewers’ and bakers’ yeasts. From these reaction flavors are made as a basis for full savory systems.

Harbor Beach in Michigan is an HVP facility, with capability to make reaction flavors and top notes and also houses a USDA facility manufacturing flavors systems from meat.

Amboy is a specialty dairy plant making a full range of flavors, flavor bases, inclusions, fruit preps and sauces for ice cream, yogurt and other applications.